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September Autocross

On the 18th of Sept. we’ll be hosting our 7th Autocross of the season. Registration for our September Autocross is now open. The event will be held at ACU-4 Little Creek, our last event at this location for the season. Due the on-going construction, our space is limited but this shouldn’t keep us from having a good time. So let’s make the…

Academi Starting Line

Fall Track Attack

This years Fall Track Attack is going to be bigger than our Spring event. What we mean by that is we have opened up more of the course. During our Spring event we only used one part of the track and for the Fall we’re going to use two additional areas of the track. Due to the larger track, there will be a…


August Autocross

Registration for our August Autocross is now open. This event will be held at ACU4. We originally had plans on hosting the VAC but due to construction at ACU4 our space is limited. Blue Ridge Region SCCA will be hosting the VAC the weekend prior (Aug 13 – 14) at Danville Airport in Danville Virginia. We plan on having another…


July Autocross

Come join us for our July Autocross. This is our 5th Autocross of the season. We are booked to have the event at ACU-4 but the venue is subject to change. Everyone will be notified in the event that it does change. We are in the summer months so come prepared to endure some heat. Bring plenty of water, sunblock,…


June Autocross

Registration for our June Autocross event is now open. Join us at ACU-4 where we will host our 4th Autocross for the season. Register today by going to We look forward to seeing you there. When: June 19, 2016 – 7:30am Where: ACU-4 Registration: Results: June Results

Academi Starting Line

Spring Track Attack Academi Results

Below is a link to the preliminary results from our Spring Track Attack event at Academi. We apologize for some inconsistencies with the times while we work out a few bugs with our timing software. On the other hand, we had a great event and everyone had a great time. We dealt with a little bit a rain but it…

Gripfest 10

April Event Results

During the month of April we hosted two events. On the 23rd we hosted Gripfest 10 at NCCAR which ended up being cut short due to bad weather. Half way through the event we experienced some heavy rains and even hail. Thunder and lightning was our queue to end the event to make sure everyone was safe. The day after…


May Autocross

On May 21st we will hold a Test and Tune at ACU-4. Test and tune events are designed to help you get your car setup perfected for the season. These events help you by giving you more runs than you usually get at an Autocross so you can find areas for improvement in your car setup. On May 22nd…


TSCC New Van Prep

Club staff was working hard over the weekend prepping our new van before our next event. It was a lot of work but thanks to the hard work from our staff we got it 99% completed. Just a few little things to wrap up and we’ll be ready for the 2016 Season. Thanks to everyone who came out and for…


New Website

Welcome to our new website! We have ported over most of the content from our old website but not all. This was due in part to the difficulty in making the old content mobile friendly. Our new website can be viewed and easily read on both laptops and mobile devices. We have consolidated some of the content and moved some…