August Autocross

Registration for our August Autocross is now open. This event will be held at ACU4. We originally had plans on hosting the VAC but due to construction at ACU4 our space is limited. Blue Ridge Region SCCA will be hosting the VAC the weekend prior (Aug 13 – 14) at Danville Airport in Danville Virginia. We plan on having another…

July Autocross

Come join us for our July Autocross. This is our 5th Autocross of the season. We are booked to have the event at ACU-4 but the venue is subject to change. Everyone will be notified in the event that it does change. We are in the summer months so come prepared to endure some heat. Bring plenty of water, sunblock,…

June Autocross

Registration for our June Autocross event is now open. Join us at ACU-4 where we will host our 4th Autocross for the season.┬áRegister today by going to We look forward to seeing you there. When: June 19, 2016 – 7:30am Where: ACU-4 Registration: Results:┬áJune Results

May Autocross

On May 21st we will hold a Test and Tune at ACU-4. Test and tune events are designed to help you get your car setup perfected for the season. These events help you by giving you more runs than you usually get at an Autocross so you can find areas for improvement in your car setup. On May 22nd…

Spring Track Attack 2016

We’re excited to announce that registration is open for our Spring Track Attack at Academi. This is a great event and it’s not too far from home. Academi is based in Moyock, NC and is a high security location that requires a light background check. During registration you’ll be required to provide your date of birth to perform the background…

Autocross #2

Registration for Autocross #2 is now open. This will be our first year having an Autocross event at NCCAR. It’s not everyday we have the opportunity to use a 2 mile track for an Autocross. Come out and enjoy some high speed Autocross this April. Learn more about NCCAR Register for the event

Gripfest 10

Registration for Gripfest 10 is now open. Remember this event is capped to 50 participants so act quick! If you haven’t been to a Gripfest event in the past learn more about the track here. Register for the Event