Tidewater Sports Car Club
The Premier Autocross Club of South East Virginia
Since 1953.

Founded in Norfolk Virginia in 1953. The Tidewater Sports Car Club (TSCC) autocross season runs from March through November with championship series events typically taking place on the 3rd Sunday of the month. We usually host a novice autocross school early in the season on the Saturday before our Sunday event. This is a great opportunity for new participants to get involved with autocross. We also host higher speed time trials at Academi and North Carolina Center for Automotive Research. Our club is not solely structured around autocross. TSCC is, as the name implies, a car club, supporting the enthusiast. Car shows, social gatherings, and community involvement are just a few of the extracurricular activities in which TSCC participates.

Recent Posts

Speed Club Center, Newport News

2017 Winter Kart Series

For the new year we will be hosting our Winter Kart Series at a new venue. The Speed Club Center is a new electric go-kart venue in Newport News, VA. It opened around the summer of 2016 and has been gaining popularity in the area where the nearest karting experience was a good 30 minute drive. Tidewater Sports Car Club…


2016 Season Wrap Up

The 2016 season was a busy one for Tidewater Sports Car Club. We managed to host a 6 week winter kart series, a novice school, a test and tune, 9 autocross events, and 4 track events. Whew, that’s a whole lot of preparation and planning done by our volunteer staff and board. With 2017 we bring on a few new…

Pungo Airfield

November Autocross

Come join us at Pungo for our final Autocross of the season. You’ll be making your last pass around the Pungo Sweeper defending your class position for the season. This is our last points event for the 2016 season, so let’s make the most out of it. We hope to see you there. When: November 20, 2016 @7:30am Where: Pungo Airfield Register:…

Gripfest 10

Lap Event at NCCAR

We are proud to announce our very first lap event. The event will be held at NCCAR, the day after Gripfest 11. All skill levels are welcome from beginner to track veteran! We will split participants into 4 groups of 15 drivers. One of the four groups will be dedicated to novice drivers who will be required to run with instructors.…


Gripfest 11

It’s that time of the year again. We’ll be hosting our 11th Gripfest event this November at NCCAR. For those who are not familiar with the event, it is a 2 mile track located in Garysburg, NC at the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research – NCCAR. We typically average about 5 runs in the morning and 5 in the…

5.0 Mustang

October Autocross

On October 16, 2016 we will be hosting our eighth Autocross of the 2016 season at Pungo Airfield. Come join us for our second to last autocross event of the season. As usual we’ll have the gates open at 7:30am and we ask that you do not congest the road way waiting at the gate. We look forward to see you there. When:…


September Autocross

On the 18th of Sept. we’ll be hosting our 7th Autocross of the season. Registration for our September Autocross is now open. The event will be held at ACU-4 Little Creek, our last event at this location for the season. Due the on-going construction, our space is limited but this shouldn’t keep us from having a good time. So let’s make the…

Academi Starting Line

Fall Track Attack

This years Fall Track Attack is going to be bigger than our Spring event. What we mean by that is we have opened up more of the course. During our Spring event we only used one part of the track and for the Fall we’re going to use two additional areas of the track. Due to the larger track, there will be a…


August Autocross

Registration for our August Autocross is now open. This event will be held at ACU4. We originally had plans on hosting the VAC but due to construction at ACU4 our space is limited. Blue Ridge Region SCCA will be hosting the VAC the weekend prior (Aug 13 – 14) at Danville Airport in Danville Virginia. We plan on having another…


July Autocross

Come join us for our July Autocross. This is our 5th Autocross of the season. We are booked to have the event at ACU-4 but the venue is subject to change. Everyone will be notified in the event that it does change. We are in the summer months so come prepared to endure some heat. Bring plenty of water, sunblock,…